arrowcase: Agnes Whitingdon  c. John Ely    p-link   Results Format: Summary Full

case detail
date29 Jan. 1487
competitor suit
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065: 10r-12r
1487-01-29: John Ely, Response of Defendant
Responds that he was unwilling to contract marriage with Agnes Whitingdon, as he told her, unless her father agreed by 1 November to give a dowry of 5 marks with her. Also, responds that the set of coral rosary beads Whitingdon had from him following this conversation was a loan.

1487-01-29: John Robert, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he was present about September 29, 1486 for the present contract between John Ely and Agnes Whitingdon, adding that Ely had also told Whitingdon`s master, Hawkyn, that he intended to marry his servant. Also, testifies that Ely arranged for cloth for wedding clothes for Whitingdon and asked Hawkyn to pay 6s 8d on his behalf for a girdle for her.

1487-01-29: Joan Robert, Witness for Plaintiff
Agrees with previous witness, her husband John Robert.

1487-01-29: John Cok, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he heard John Ely on two occasions around September 29, 1486 claim that he intended to marry Agnes Whitingdon. Also, testifies to hearing John say that he did not want Whitingdon to continue carrying laundry to the Thames, stating that if Hawkyn, Whitingdon`s master, dismissed her from his service because she would not do this, he would take her in and pay for her meals until they married.

1487-01-29: Robert Harries, Witness for Plaintiff
Agrees with previous witness, John Cok, and testifies that he has heard many people, especially John Robert and his wife Joan Robert, in the parish of St. Margaret say that Ely and Whitingdon contracted marriage together.