Adam, JohnMale, ??Unknown
Adcok, RobertMale, 23UnknownSt. Nicholas Shambles, London
Agar, AgnesFemale, 22SingleSt. Gregory by St. Paul's
Agmundesham, MargaretFemale, ??Unknown
Alston, WilliamMale, 40UnknownHospital of St. Katherine by the Towertailor
Andrew, GeoffreyMale, 28UnknownHarlow, Essex
Anne, ThomasMale, 50UnknownRayleigh, Essex
Anton, JohnMale, 23UnknownCorringham, Essex
Aprece, HenryMale, ??Clericnotary, court clerk
Arnold, JohnMale, ??At Issue
Asshford, JohnMale, 50UnknownLondon, St. Andrew Undershaft
Asshwell, Master JohnMale, ??ClericChelmsford, EssexChaplain and Curate
Atthoo, RobertMale, 50UnknownHoddesdon, Hertfordshire
at Wode, JohnMale, 40UnknownEast Ham, Essex
Auger, ThomasMale, ??UnknownRamsden Crays, Essex[husbandman]
Austen, JohnMale, ??At Issue
Austen, RobertMale, 32UnknownSt. Benet Fink
Austy, JoanFemale, ??At Issue
Avenyll, WilliamMale, 60UnknownSt. Dunstan in the West
Badcock, AgnesFemale, ??MarriedSt. Andrew Undershaft
Bakar, AgnesFemale, 60UnknownLondon, St. Olave towards the Tower
Baker, HenryMale, ??Unknown
Baker, JohnMale, ??Unknown
Baker, WilliamMale, 30UnknownSt. Benet Paul's Wharftiler
Baldewyn, ThomasMale, 70UnknownAmwell, Hertfordshire