arrowperson: Margaret Baron alias Harbard alias Spicer   p-link

person detail
50 years;
marital status:Married
parishSt. Sepulchre, 28 years
spouse's first[Walter Spicer]
named cases
no cases

named depositions
1489-03-09:Witness for Plaintiff in Thomas Wulley  c.  Margaret Isot  John Heth 
Testifies that she was present about 1 November 1471 when John Calton chided John Cracow for allowing Thomas Wulley and Margaret Isot to fornicate in his home; Cracow replied stating he did so because they were married, having himself, along with Robert Marley, witnessed the contract between them. Calton said that he wanted to be sure of the marriage, scolding Wulley that it was against his parents` wishes, but that Wulley and Isot affirmed they were married and there exchanged future consent again. Testifies also that she was present when banns were issued soon after. Testifies that John Heth and Isot lived together “for a certain time” as spouses in the parish of St. Giles.