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person detail
22 years;
marital status:Single
parishSt. Gregory by St. Paul's, 14 years
spouse's first
remarks:Lives with her father, William Agar.
named cases
no cases

named depositions
1491-03-01:Witness for Competitor Suit in Robert Walsh, Mark Patenson  c.  Margaret Flemmyng 
Agrees with previous witness, Alice Martyn regarding the contract. Testifies that she believes Margaret Flemmyng intended to have Mark Patenson as her husband because Flemmyng had asked this witness in November 1490 to go to Martyn`s house to ask Martyn to act as an intermediary between her and Patenson. Testifies to exchange of gifts between Flemmyng and Patenson, both of whom told her they accepted them in the name of marriage.