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unknown age;
marital status:Unknown
parishHighgate, Harringay
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remarks:Giles Eustace was a brewer; records indicate that he lived in the “Cornerhouse” in Highgate, beside the High Street at the junction with South Grove, from 1490. VCH Middlesex, 6:122-135, at British History Online. Giles Eustas’s will, from 1495, is printed in an appendix to Survey of London, vol. 17, The Parish of St. Pancras part 1: The Village of Highgate, ed. Percy Lovell and William McB. Marcham (1936), 138-48; online: at British History Online.
named cases
1491-03-01:Tithes: Office  c.  Giles Eustas 

named depositions
1491-03-01:Response of Defendant in Office  c.  Giles Eustas 
Responds regarding disputed tithe collection on lands lying in Hornsey Park which the defendant holds from the bishop of London. States that it is commonly said that two thirds of its territory are situated within the parish of Harringay and a third within the parish of Finchley, and that tithe payments correspond in ratio to the distribution of property within either parish, two-thirds to Harringay, one-third to Finchley. Last year, when the rector of Finchley requested he pay the full tithe from Hornsey Park, he denied owing any money and claimed to have already paid his tithe-collector the third that he owes for the parish of Finchley.