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50 years;
marital status:Unknown
parishLondon, St. Andrew Undershaft, 6 years
spouse's first
named cases
no cases

named depositions
1491-11-28:Witness for Competitor Suit in Elizabeth Brown, Marion Lauson  c.  Laurence Gilis 
Testifies that he witnessed a present contract between Marion Lauson and Laurence Gilis, in Lauson`s house, around 18 October 1491. Testifies that he twice heard banns issued between them. Testifies that Lauson and Gilis are reputed as husband and wife in the parishes of St. Botulph and St. Andrew. Testifies he would rather Lauson win the case, as she is an honest woman, while Elizabeth Brown, as he has heard, is dishonest with many men.