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34 years;
marital status:Unknown
parishSouthwark (St. Margaret), Surrey, 1 years
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no cases

named depositions
1492-03-14:Witness for Plaintiff in Elizabeth Brown, Marion Lauson  c.  Laurence Gilis 
Deposing regarding the reputation of Laurence Gilis`s witnesses, agrees with previous witness, Reginald Redemayn, regarding Bothumley. Testifies that Richard Keys is reputed a bawd and that he heard one of his neighbours call him such; he believes Keys is a man of “ill fame and light conscience” and a perjurer who if bribed will swear for anyone in court. Testifies that he has heard that Keys was convicted of perjury in the court of Lewisham. Testifies that on 25 Christmas 1491 Laurence Gilis gave Keys a “kilderkin of double beer” as, he believes, payment for his testimony in this case. Testifies that John Waldron lived honestly and industriously as a tenant within the precinct of St. Katherine.