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unknown age;
marital status:Cleric
occupation:notary, court clerk
spouse's first
remarks:Appears as a defendant in Joan Hancok c. Master Henry Aprece. He was also sometimes the scribe or registrar in the Consistory court, as for instance recorded in William Alston`s testimony in 1491.
named cases
1493-01-18:Malicious Citation: Joan Hancok  c.  Henry Aprece 

named depositions
1493-02-26:Response of Defendant in Joan Hancok  c.  Henry Aprece 
Responds that Master Roston, sitting as judge in the case, dismissed Joan Hancok as she had three times been summoned mistakenly, but had ordered her nonetheless to pay the court fees; and that he advised Joan Hancok`s husband to pay the fee of 8d to the officers of the court, and that the suspension was issued not by him, but by the summoner, John Foster.