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31 years;
marital status:Unknown
employer:formerly Thomas and Agnes Dalston
parishLondon, St. Botulph without Aldgate, 2 years
spouse's first
named cases
no cases

named depositions
1493-07-01:Witness for Plaintiff in John Maliber  c.  Agnes Dalston alias Boste 
Testifies that he was present at Thomas Dalston`s deathbed, and heard when Dalston bequeathed both to Maliber and to the witness, also an apprentice, a legacy to be paid if they served out their terms. Six months after Dalston`s death, the witness agreed to intercede with Agnes on Maliber`s behalf, that Maliber would receive his apprenticeship indenture in return for renouncing his legacy. He was not present when Agnes handed them over but he heard about it; he was present when they reached an agreement about the issue.