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unknown age;
marital status:At Issue
parishPrittlewell, Essex
spouse's first
remarks:Agnes Fry left a will: TNA, PCC, 8 Blamyr (Prob. 11/13, fol. 77v): had property in Putney as well as Prittlewell, suggesting she was well off. Died as Agnes Fry, widow, suggesting that Taillour did not win his case.
named cases
1487-06-27:Marriage: John Tailour  c.  Agnes Fry 

named depositions
1487-06-27:Response of Defendant in John Tailour  c.  Agnes Fry 
Responds that after having taken a day to consider John Tailour`s marriage proposal, she declined his offer in the presence of Robert Swete, Ralph Rolf, Henry Baker, John Botell, and others. Responds that Swete approached her on Tailour`s behalf with a ring, stating that, if she chose not to contract marriage with him, she would lose all her possessions if Tailour did not receive the ring back. Responds that she did not accept Tailour`s gifts, but that he nevertheless against her will took her silver rings from her purse.