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person detail
42 years;
marital status:Cleric
occupation:Commissary of the diocese of London
employer:bishop of London
parishLondon, St. Faith the Virgin, 4 years
spouse's first
remarks:Blodywell, as his testimony indicates, was commissary of the bishop of London, and often presided over the Consistory court, too (see here for his appearances in this deposition book). He was a doctor of civil law from Oxford (see Emden, BRUO to 1500, p. 203). In 1494, he was involved in a dispute that came before the Consistory when he (falsely) accused a proctor at the Court of Arches of having forged a document (see Office c. Master Richard Blodywell).
named cases
1494-07-14:Clerical Discipline: Office  c.  Master Richard Blodywell 

named depositions
1494-06-11:Witness for Defendant in Herbert Rowland  c.  Elizabeth Croft  Margaret Hordley 
Testifies that witness William Tommys appeared before him as commissary, admitted to adultery, and did penance.
1494-07-14:Response of Defendant in Office  c.  Master Richard Blodywell 
Responds regarding a dispute amongst commissary court functionaries over the alleged forgery of a suspension.