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date2 Mar. 1492
competitor suit
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065: 98v-99r
1492-03-02: John Barle, Response of Defendant
Regarding his tithes from his milch cows, responds that he repeatedly either paid his tithes or attempted to do so. He offered tithes in money, but the vicar said that his money was worthless, so between October 1491 and April 1492 he returned to an older custom of providing a pitcher of milk every tenth day. The vicar often, however, did not pick up the pitcher and the milk was wasted; the vicar nonetheless often complained, was uncooperative, or was unsatisfied with the payment. He tried other payments in kind, but the vicar was always unhappy about them. He and other parishioners had over the past 7 years often complained about the vicar`s behaviour to diocesan officials and when they did not respond they had him indicted for felony at the Chelmsford sessions.