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case detail
typeBreach of Faith: Debt
date7 Feb., 23 Feb. 1487
competitor suit
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065: 13v-14r
1487-02-23: Roger Cerpynter, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he was present in the house of Christopher Manser in the first or second week of last Lent, along with Thomas Martyn and an old man whose name he does not know, when John Palmer asked Manser if he had the money he owed him. Manser replied that he did not have the money, but that if Palmer accepted, he could give him three quarters of oats and one quarter of wheat as partial payment of his debt sometime in the following two weeks. He swore to uphold this promise. The latter agreed, and told Manser he would subtract the market value of the oat and wheat from his debt.

1487-02-23: Thomas Martyn, Witness for Plaintiff
Agrees with previous witness, Roger Carpenter, except that he testifies that these events took place in the second or third week of last Lent.