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#12: John Halyday  c.  Margaret Partrich  - Response of Defendant, 1487-02-07
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 13v
summaryResponds that on 24 June 1486 she declined John Halyday`s promise of future marriage.
subjectsDenial of contract 
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7 February, in the home of the lord official and at two o`clock p.m.

Margaret Partrich, sworn and re-examined concerning the positions etc. in order to inform the judge`s conscience. To the first and second positions, she says that on a certain day around the last feast of the nativity of St. John the Baptist[1], that is on that day on which John Lynyar and Hope and John Halyday spoke with her standing next to the [...] of this witness`s dwelling-house in the parish of Hest[...], John Halyday talked with this witness about contracting marriage between them, and among the things said between them, he said to her thus, "I will have you to my wife," and this witness responded to John that she did not want to have him as her husband. She swears these things are true by virtue of her oath, as she says.
vii die Februarii in domo domini officialis et hora secunda post meridiem

Margareta Partrich jurata et repetita super posicionibus et cetera ad informacionem consciencie judicis. Ad primam et secundam posiciones, dicit quod quodam die contingente circiter festum Nativitatis sancti Johannis Baptiste ultimum preteritum[1], videlicet illo die quo Johannes Lynyar et Hope ac Johannes Halyday communicaverunt cum ista jurata stantes juxta or[...] domus habitacionis istius jurate infra parrochiam de Hest[...] dictus Johannes Halyday communicavit cum ista jurata de et super matrimonio inter eos contrahendo et inter cetera communicata ibidem, dixit huic jurate sic, "I wul have you to my wif," et ista jurata respondebat eidem Johanni quod noluit habere eundem Johannem in maritum suum. Et ista sunt vera in virtutum juramenti sui ut dicit.
[1] 24 Jun.[1] MS: ultimo preterito.