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#15: Joan Austy  c.  William Codding  - Response of Defendant, 1487-02-23
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 14v
summaryAdmits that Joan Austy prosecuted him in the Consistory court because he had procured the solemnization of marriage between them, and that since 29 September 1486, they were husband and wife. Admits to having procured about January 1487 a royal writ to arrest Joan for trespass on account of her having previously threatened to poison his wife.
subjectsSolemnization illicitly procured  Warning not to marry while case pending  Intimidation to influence litigation 
placenamesMiddlesex - Whitechapel 
remarksNote that Codding appeared twice the previous year in the commissary court in relation to the same issues: GL, MS. 9064/2, 152v, 1486: Matfelon [parish of St. Mary Matfelon or Whitechapel]. William Coddyng committed adultery with [blank] with whom he contracted; he had two children through her whilst her husband lived. (He is enjoined public penance.) GL, MS. 9064/2, 151v, September 1486: Matfelon. William Codding committed adultery with Joan Austy with whom he contracted; public penance is enjoined to each party etc.
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William Codding sworn etc. concerning the interrogatories etc. To the first, second, and third interrogatories, he admits that Joan Austy prosecuted him in the Consistory of London because he procured the solemnization of marriage between himself and Joan, now this witness`s wife from the last feast of St. Michael [1], and that he was cited and on a Wednesday within the last month, which day he cannot further specify, he was examined. To the fourth interrogatory, he says that about a month ago this witness acquired a royal writ from the lord king`s exchequer to arrest Joan on an action of trespass because she had previously threatened to poison his wife, and no one counselled him to do this. On the fifth interrogatory, he says that on Wednesday around a fortnight after the citation on the same day [...], Joan was arrested by virtue of the writ at the instance of this witness and no one counselled him about doing this, as he says. To the sixth interrogatory, he responds negatively to all its contents.Willelmus Codding juratus et cetera super interrogatoriis et cetera. Ad primum, ii, et iiicium interrogatoria, fatetur quod dicta Johanna Austy prosequebatur istum juratum in Consistorio London pro eo procuravit matrimonium solemnisari inter eum et Johannam modo uxorem istius jurati a festo sancti Michaelis ultimo et quod citatus fuit et die mercurii infra mensem ultimum, quem diem aliter specificatum nescit, examinatus fuit. Ad iiiitum interrogatorium, quod circiter mensem elapsum iste juratus impetravit breve regium a scaccario domini Regis ad arrestandum dictam Johannam super accione transgressionis eo quod ipsa prius minata fuit intoxicare uxorem istius jurati et nullus consuluit eum ad sic faciendum ut dicit. Ad vtum interrogatorium, dicit quod die mercurii contingente circiter xvnam ultimam post citacionis eodem die [...], dicta Johanna arrestata fuit virtute dicti brevis ad instanciam istius jurati et nullus consuluit eum ad sic faciendum ut dicit. Ad vitum interrogatorium respondet negative ad singula contenta in eodem.
[1] 29 Sept.