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#18: Thomas Lak  c.  Ann Munden  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-05-12
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 17v
summaryTestifies that he was present three or four years before when a certain friar John of the Order of the Holy Trinity and of the Redemption of Captives solemnized marriage between Ann Munden and Richard Bulle, after which they lived in the parish as man and wife for two years. Also, testifies that he had heard that Richard Lak had previously contracted marriage with Munden and that banns had subsequently been issued.
placenamesHertfordshire - Hertford  Hertfordshire - Ware 
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12 May before Master Myllet, commissary, in his home.

William Brond of Ware, where he has lived since his birth, illiterate, of free condition, almost sixty years old, as he says. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he has known Ann Munden and Lake and Bulle for six or seven years. Questioned further, he says that on a certain day in winter three or four years ago, he was present in the chapel of the Holy Trinity near Hertford, where and when a certain friar John [of the order] of the Redemption of Captives [1] solemnized marriage between Richard Bulle and Ann Munden, and afterwards they lived together as man and wife in the parish of Ware for two years or thereabouts. Present there were Thomas Fox, Thomas Mersch, John Hasteler, John Spinke. And he heard that Richard Lak had previously contracted marriage with Ann and that banns had been issued between them, and concerning the foregoing public voice and fame circulated.
xii Maii coram Magistro Myllet Commissario in domo sua.

Willelmus Brond de Ware, ubi moram traxit a tempore nativitatis sue, illiteratus, libere condicionis, fere lx annorum etatis ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Annam Munden et Lake et Bulle per vi vel vii annos bene novit. Ulterius interrogatus, dicit quod quadam die contingente in jeme hinc ad iii vel iiiior annos elapsos, presens fuit iste juratus in capella sancte Trinitatis juxta Hertford, ubi et quando quidam frater Johannes redempcionis captivorum solemnisavit matrimonium inter Ricardum Bulle et Annam Munden et postea in parrochia de Ware habitaverunt ut vir et uxor per ii annos vel circiter, et presentes erant Thomas Fox, Thomas Mersch, Johannes Hasteler, Johannes Spinke. Et audivit dici quod Ricardus Lak prius matrimonium contraxit cum eadem Anna et quod banna erant edita inter eosdem et super premissis laboraverunt publica vox et fama.
[1] See William Byrd`s testimony regarding the Trinitarian friars and their house.