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#1: Thomas Lak  c.  Ann Munden  - Response of Defendant, 1486-11-28
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 15r
summaryResponds that she made a present contract with Thomas Lak on 5 January 1482, stating that marriage banns were subsequently issued three times between them. Also, responds that before February 2, Richard Bulle forced her to marry him, and they lived together as man and wife for two years.
subjectsAbduction  Coercion  Marriage contract  Present consent  Domestic contract  Banns 
placenamesHertfordshire - Hertford  Hertfordshire - Ware 
remarksYear of examination conjectural as only dated by month and day; other testimony in the case heard in May 1487.
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Responses personally made by Ann Munden, 28 November

Ann Munden, sworn etc. concerning the positions, etc. To the first and second positions, she admits them and that their contents are true. And she says that on the vigil of Epiphany [1] four years ago, she and Lak contracted marriage in the home of William Byrd of Ware, around three and four o`clock in the afternoon, in the presence of William Byrd, Sir John Braghing, and Richard Smyth, Lak saying, "I Thomas take thee Annie to my wife," and this witness saying, "I take thee to my husband." And marriage banns were issued three times between them in the church of Ware, in the presence of Richard Bulle. To the third position, she admits that its contents are true. To the fourth position, she says that on Wednesday before the feast of the Purification of the blessed Mary [2] four years ago, this deponent was compelled to be married to Richard Bulle in the chapel of the Holy Trinity near Hertford [3]. And she says that about thirteen days before this day, the aforesaid Richard Bulle and Carl Newell violently apprehended her and kept her in their custody against her will in Carl`s house and elsewhere up to the day of the aforesaid solemnization. And afterwards they lived together as man and wife in this witness`s house in the parish of Ware for two years or thereabouts, as she says.
Responsiones personaliter facte per Annam Munden, xxviii die Novembris

Anna Munden jurata et cetera super posicionibus et cetera. Ad primam et secundam posiciones fatetur easdem et contenta in eisdem esse vera. Et dicit quod in vigilia Epiphanie domini ultima preterita ad iiii annos elapsos, ista jurata et dictus Lak contraxerunt matrimonium in domo Willelmi Byrd de Ware circiter horas 3 et iiiita post meridiem, in presencia Willelmi Byrd, domini Johannis Braghing, et Ricardi Smyth, dicto Lak dicente, "I Thomas take the Anny to my wif," et ista jurata dicente eidem, "I take the to my husband." Et banna matrimonialia edita fuerunt inter eisdem in ecclesia de Ware in presencia Ricardi Bulle trina vice. Ad iii posicionem fatetur contenta in eadem esse vera. Ad iiii posicionem, dicit quod die mercurii proximo ante festum Purificacionis beate Marie ultimum preteritum ad quatuor annos elapsos, ista jurata compulsa nupta fuit dicto Ricardo Bulle in capella de sancte Trinitatis juxta Hertford . Et dicit circiter xiii dies precedentes die solemnisacionis dicti matrimonii, prefatus Ricardus Bulle et Karolus Newell violenter apprehendaverunt istam juratam et habuerunt eam in eorum custodia contra eius voluntatem in domo dicti Karoli et alibi usque diem solemnisacionis matrimonii predicti, ut dicit. Et postea cohabitaverunt ut vir et uxor in domo istius jurate in parrochia de Ware per duos annos vel circiter ut dicit.
[1] I.e. 5 Jan.

[2] 2 Feb.

[3] The chapel may have been on the site of a Trinitarian friary outside Hertford. VCH Hertfordshire, 4:452-53, at British History Online; Knowles and Hadcock, Medieval Religious Houses, England and Wales, 205-6.