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#21: Richard Tymond  c.  Margery Sheppard  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-05-28
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 18v
summaryTestifies that he was present on 22 May 1486, at Richard Tymond`s request, when Tymond and Margery Sheppard contracted marriage; agrees with witness John Hall, except that Margery Sheppard, he claims, agreed to marry Richard Tymond only if her father consented to it.
subjectsParental consent  Courtship 
placenamesEssex - West Ham  Essex - East Ham 
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Richard Pyrkyn of the aforesaid East Ham, where he has lived for the last two years and more, illiterate, of free condition, thirty years old or thereabouts, as he says. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he has known Richard Tymond and Margaret Sheppard for two years and a half and more. To the first and second articles of the libel, he says that on the Monday after the last feast of the Holy Trinity [1], Richard told this witness, at that time labouring at feeding [...] at West Ham, that on the Sunday immediately previous he and Margery Sheppard had met and agreed that on that day they would meet in the dwelling-house of John Hall for the sake of contracting marriage with him, and he asked this witness to be present at the contract and to bear witness of the truth concerning it. At this request this witness went to the house between the hours of nine and ten in the morning, where he found Richard and Margery. As for the discussion and the words of contract, he agrees with John Hall examined above, except that at the time of the contract Margery said that she would have Richard as her husband before all others if Margery`s father would consent to it, as he says. And otherwise regarding their contents, he knows nothing, and questioned concerning the other articles and concerning the fame, he agrees with the same John Hall. He is related neither by marriage nor by blood to the party that called him as a witness, nor does he care about victory as long as justice is done.Ricardus Pyrkyn de Estham predicta ubi moram traxit per biennium ultimum elapsum et amplius, illiteratus, libere condicionis, xxx annorum etatis vel circiter ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Ricardum Tymond et Margaretam Sheppard per duos annos cum dimidio et amplius bene novit ut dicit. Ad primum et secundum articulos dicti libelli, dicit quod die lune proximo contingente post dictum festum sancte Trinitatis ultimum preteritum, Ricardus retulit huic jurato adtunc laborando nutriturando g[..]um apud Westham die dominico proximo precedente ipse et Margeria Sheppard convenerunt et concordaverunt quod eodem die simul obiaverunt in domo habitacionis Johannis Hal causa contrahendi cum eo matrimonium et rogavit istum juratum ad interessendum in dicto contractum et ad perhibendum desuper testimonium veritati. Ad cuius rogatum iste juratus accessit ad dictam domum inter horas ix et xmam ante meridiem, ubi repperit eosdem Ricardum et Margeriam et quantum ad communicacionem et verba contractus concordat iste juratus cum Johanne Hal superius examinato excepto quod prefato tempore dicti contractus prefata Margeria dixit quod voluit habere eundem Ricardum in maritum suum pre omnibus aliis si ipsius Margerie pater ad hoc consentire vellet ut dicit. Et aliter ad contenta in eisdem nescit deponere et super aliis articulis et super fama interrogatus dicit et concordat cum eodem Johanne Hall. Non est consanguineus seu affinis parti eum producenti ut dicit, nec curat de victoria dummodo justicia fiat.
[1] The feast of the Trinity in 1486 fell on 21 May, thus the Monday following was 22 May 1486.