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#22: Richard Tymond  c.  Margery Sheppard  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-05-28
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 18v
summaryAgrees with previous witness, John Hall, and testifies to both the unconditional marriage contract between Margery Sheppard and Richard Tymond and to Sheppard`s father`s consent.
subjectsParental consent  Conditional contract 
placenamesEssex - East Ham 
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Margery Hall, wife of John Hall of East Ham, where she was born, and has lived from the time of her birth, of free condition, thirty-two years old, as she says. Inducted as a witness, she says that she has known Richard Tymond and Margery Sheppard for sixteen years and more. Questioned further regarding each article of the libel, she agrees with John Hall examined above. And she says that the contract was simple and without condition added, but she says that after the contract Margery said thus: "How shall I do that my father may wit of this to know what he will say?" And then the husband of this witness agreed that he would tell him about the contract, and he did this within two or three days following as he told this witness, and the same father was well contented with the contract as he said. And she says that she is Richard`s sister on the father`s side, because they had the same father although not the same mother, and she does not care about the victory but desires that justice be done between the parties, as she says.Margeria Hall uxor Johannis Hall de Estham predicta, ubi fuit oriunda, et moram suam traxit a tempore nativitatis sue, libere condicionis, xxxii annorum etatis ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Ricardum Tymond et Margeriam Sheppard per xvi annos et amplius bene novit ut dicit. Ulterius interrogata ista jurata de et super singulis articulis dicti libelli, dicit et concordat cum Johanne Hall superius examinato. Et dicit quod dictus contractus erat simplex et sine condicione adjecta, sed dicit quod post dictum contractum eadem Margeriam sic dixit, "how shal I do that my fadir may wite of this to know what he wil sey?" Et tunc maritus istius jurati concessit quod ipse vellet intimare eidem de dicto contracto quod et fecit infra duos vel tres dies proximos sequentes ut huic jurate retulit et idem pater cum dicto contractu bene contentebatur ut dixit. Et dicit quod est soror dicti Ricardi ex latere patris quia habuerunt unum patrem non tamen unam matrem et non curat de victoria sed desiderat justiciam fieri inter partes ut dicit.
[1] East Ham, Essex.