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#26: John Tailour  c.  Agnes Fry  - Response of Defendant, 1487-06-27
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 20rv
summaryResponds that after having taken a day to consider John Tailour`s marriage proposal, she declined his offer in the presence of Robert Swete, Ralph Rolf, Henry Baker, John Botell, and others. Responds that Swete approached her on Tailour`s behalf with a ring, stating that, if she chose not to contract marriage with him, she would lose all her possessions if Tailour did not receive the ring back. Responds that she did not accept Tailour`s gifts, but that he nevertheless against her will took her silver rings from her purse.
subjectsWidows and remarriage  Marital choice 
placenamesEssex - Prittlewell 
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Responses personally made by Agnes Fry, 27 June in the home of the lord Official, before him

Agnes Fry sworn etc. on the positions etc. To the first position, she believes it. To the second position, [she says] that on a number of occasions since the death of John Fry of Prittlewell, the aforesaid John spoke to this witness about contracting marriage between them, and for this he solicited this witness both himself and through Robert Swete and Richard Maket. She says that around the middle of last Lent, this witness before Robert Swete and in [his (1)] house, at the time of John`s solicitations and urgings, responded to him that she did not intend to have him as her husband nor any other, but that this witness wanted to consider it, and if her heart turned towards him to have him as her husband between this day and the day of the anniversary of the death of her husband, she would then would give him her response. When that day came, this witness, in her own dwelling-house, in the presence of John Tailour, Robert Swete, Ralph Rolf, Henry Baker, John Botell, and others, responded to John Tailour that, having fully deliberated, she did not want to have him as her husband, and these were the words she gave him for an answer. And to the other contents in the position, she does not believe them. To the third position, she does not believe its contents. But she says that Robert Swete about last Lent wanted to give to this witness a certain ring on John`s behalf, and he said that she would lose all her goods if John did not receive the ring back if she did not contract marriage with him [2], but in any case she expressly refused to take the ring. And she says that John took the silver rings from this witness`s purse against this witness`s will. And she does not believe the other contents of this position. To the fourth position, she does not believe it or its contents to be true. To the fifth position, she believes what is believed and does not believe what is not believed and denies fame.
Responsiones personaliter facte per Agnetem Fry xxvii die Junii in domo domini officialis coram eodem

Agnes Fry jurata et cetera super posicionibus et cetera. Ad primam posicionem credit eandem. Ad secundum posicionem, [dicit] quod diversis vicibus citra mortem Johannis Fry de Pritwell prefatus Johannes allocutus est istam juratam pro matrimonio inter eos contrahendo, et ad idem solicitavit istam juratam tam per se quam per Robertum Swete et Ricardum Maket. Et dicit quod circiter mediam xlme ultime preterite ista jurata coram dicto Roberto Swete et in ipsius domo tempore solicitacionis et instanciarum sibi per dictum Johannem factarum respondebat eidem quod ipsa non intendebat habere eum adhuc in maritum nec aliquem alium, sed quod ista jurata vellet deliberare et si eius cor converteret in eam ad habendum eum in maritum a dicto die usque ad diem anniversarii vite mariti sui mortui, ista jurata extunc vellet dare sibi responsum. Et dicto die adveniente, ista jurata in domo habitacionis istius jurate in presencia eiusdem Johannis Tailour, Roberti Swete, Radulphi Rolf, Henrici Baker, Johannis Botell, et aliorum, respondebat dicti Johanni Tailour quod ipsa secum plene deliberans quod nollet habere eum in maritum, et ista verba dedit sibi pro responsa. [fol. 20v] Et alia contenta in dicta posicione non credit. Ad iii posicionem, non credit contenta in eadem. Sed dicit quod prefatus Robertus Swete circiter xlmam ultimam preteritam voluit tradidisse huic jurate quendam anulum ex parte dicti Johannis et dixit quod vellet perdere omnia bona sua si dictus Johannes non reciperet ab ea dictum anulum casu quo ista jurata non contraheret cum eo matrimonium et hoc non obstante ista jurata huiusmodi anulum recipere expresse recusavit et dicit quod Johannes extraxit a bursa istius dictos anulos argenteos contra voluntatem istius jurate. Et alia contenta in dicta posicione non credit. Ad iiiitam posicionem, non credit eandem nec contenta in eadem esse vera. Ad vtam posicionem, credit credita et non credit non credita et fama negat.
[1] His: pronoun unclear in Latin, could be "her house."

[2] The subject of the verb "would lose" is unclear; it could be that Robert Swete would lose all his goods if she kept the ring but did not contract with John.