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#27: John Tailour  c.  Agnes Fry  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-06-27
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 20v-21r
summaryTestifies that after frequently having urged Agnes Fry to marry John Tailour, Fry responded on 1 April 1487 in his house and in his and Joan Hache`s presence that she would have him or no one as her husband. Testifies that after he and Hache asked Fry if she wanted her statement to be kept secret or made public, the latter wished for it to made public, after which John Tailour, Joan Hache`s father, [and*] a man named Hunt, entered the room. Testifies that Tailour thanked and kissed Fry, and that no more words regarding marriage were heard from them. [*It is not clear if Hache`s father was Tailour, the man named Hunt, or a third man.]
subjectsWidows and remarriage  Marital choice 
placenamesEssex - Prittlewell 
remarksAlthough Swete appears to be a witness for the plaintiff, does not testify to clear contract of marriage; perhaps witness for defendant.
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On behalf of John Tailour c. Agnes Frye

27 June in the home of the lord Official, in my, Spencer`s, presence

Robert Swete of the parish of Prittlewell, where he has lived for thirty years, illiterate, of free condition, forty years old or thereabouts, as he says. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he has known John Tailour for two years, and Agnes Fry for thirty years. To the first and second articles of this libel, [he says] that on diverse occasions since the death of John Fry this witness urged Agnes Fry at the request of John Tailour to have John as her husband, and she always responded to this witness that she would never have him nor any other man up until the day of the anniversary [of the death] of John was completed. At length Agnes, convinced by the urging of this witness, on Tuesday either before or after Passion Sunday[1], which Tuesday he cannot certainly say, [was] in this witness`s dwelling-house, in the presence of this witness, Joan Hache, and Agnes, in the parlour of the house with John, and then this witness wished to have a response without further delay as to whether she would have John Tailour as her husband. She then answered to him thus, "I will have him or I will never have none." And this witness immediately then asked Agnes whether she wished that this witness and Joan Hache keep secret what her will was in this matter or whether this could be openly declared, and she responded that she wished her will and her words to be publicly declared. And then Joan Hacche called into the parlour John Tailour, her father, and a man named Hunt, who was at that time in the hall of the house. And then this witness at that time in the parlour declared the aforesaid words and will stated by Agnes previously and John thanked Agnes and kissed her. This witness did not hear other words sounding of marriage between them. To the third and fourth articles, he knows nothing concerning their contents. To the fifth article, he says that the things said by him above are true and public voice and fame circulated and circulate in the parish concerning the speaking of these words, as he says.
Ex parte Johannis Tailour contra Agnetem Frye

xxvii die Junii in domo domini officialis, in presencia mei Spencer

Robertus Swete de parrochia de Pritwell, ubi moram traxit per xxxta annos, illiteratus, libere condicionis, xlta annorum etatis vel circiter ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Johannem Tailour per ii annos, Agnetem Fry per xxx annos bene novit ut dicit. Ad primum et secundum articulos dicti libelli, [dicit] quod diversis vicibus citra mortem Johannis Fry iste juratus instancias fecit penes prefatam Agnetem Fry ad rogatum dicti Johannis Tailour ad habendum eundem Johannem in maritum, que semper respondebat huic jurato quod nunquam voluit habere eum neque aliquem alium, quousque dies anniversarius prefati Johannis Fry esset complete finitus. Tandem prefata Agnes devicta instanciis istius jurati quodam die martis contingente immediate ante dominico in passione domini ultimo vel proximo post, de quo aliter certitudinaliter nescit deponere, in domo habitacionis istius jurati, presentibus tum isto jurato, Johanna Hacchis, et dicta Agnete in parlura eiusdem [fol. 21r] cum dicto Johanne, et adtunc iste juratus desiderabat habere responsum absque ulteriori dilacione an ipsa vellet habere eundem Johannem Tailour in maritum suum, que adtunc respondebat eidem sic, "I wyl have hym or I wel nevir have non," et iste juratus incontinenter tunc ibidem interrogavit prefatam Agnetem Fry an ipsa voluit quod iste juratus et prefata Johanna Hache servarent in secretis huiusmodi voluntatem suam sic ut prefertur eis ibidem declaratam an quod vellet huiusmodi verba sive voluntatem eidem Johanni Tailour aperte declarari, que ibidem respondebat quod voluit huiusmodi voluntatem sive verba publice declarari. Et tunc dicta Johanna Hacche advocavit ad eos dictum Johannem Tailour, patrem suum, quendam cognominatum Hunt adtunc existentem in aula eiusdem mansionis in dictam parluram. Et tunc iste juratus adhuc existens in dicta parlura declaravit prefata verba et voluntatem per prefatam Agnetem Fry prius prolatos et dictus Johannes egit gratias prefata Agneti et eam osculatus est. Et alia verba sonancia in matrimonium hincinde iste juratus non audivit inter eosdem. Ad iii et iiiitum articulos, nescit deponere de contentis in eisdem. Ad vtum articulum, dicit quod superius per eum dicta sunt vera et super huiusmodi verbis prolatis in dicta parrochia laboraverunt et laborant publica vox et fama ut dicit.
[1] Passion Sunday was the 5th Sunday in Lent, in 1487 falling on 1 Apr.