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#28: John Tailour  c.  Agnes Fry  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-06-27
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 21r
summaryTestifies that he frequently heard Agnes Fry respond to John Tailour`s marriage proposals by stating that she would marry him if she could "convert herself to him." Testifies that it was common knowledge at Prittlewell and other neighbouring places that Fry, in the presence of Robert Swete, had claimed she would marry Tailour.
subjectsWidows and remarriage  Marital choice 
placenamesEssex - Prittlewell 
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Richard Maket, weaver of the aforesaid Prittlewell, where he was born, fifty years old, illiterate, of free condition. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he has known John Tailour for twelve years, Agnes Fry for thirty years. To the first and second articles of the libel, he says that on various occasions in the previous Lent, he was in Agnes`s house, situated in the parish of Prittlewell, when and where he heard John speaking to Agnes about contracting marriage between them, and always Agnes responded that if she could convert herself to him she would have him as her husband. And he knows nothing about other words sounding of marriage between them, nor any gifts or recognition of marriage, nor any other contents of the libel except from what he has heard from others, that is that he heard that the aforesaid Agnes in the presence[1] of Robert Swete on a certain occasion had said that she would have the aforesaid John as her husband and none other, and he says that concerning the speaking of these words fame circulated at Prittlewell and other neighbouring places.Ricardus Maket textor de Pritwel predicta, ubi fuit oriundus, lta annorum etatis, illiteratus, libere condicionis. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Johannem Tailour per xii annos, Agnetem Fry per xxxta annos bene novit ut dicit. Ad i et ii articulos dicti libelli, dicit quod diversis vicibus contingente in xlma ultima preterita, presens fuit in domo dicte Agnetis situata infra parrochiam de Pritwell, ubi et quando audivit dictum Johannem alloquentem eandem Agnetem pro matrimonio inter eos contrahendo et omnino eadem Agnes respondebat eidem quod si possum suam converti ad eum vellet habere eum in maritum, et alia verba sonancia in matrimonium inter eosdem nec de donis ve recognicione nec aliis contentis in dicto libello nescit deponere nisi de auditu aliorum, videlicet quod audivit dici quod prefata Agnes in persona Roberti Swete quadam vice dixisset quod ipsa voluit habere prefatum Johannem in maritum et nullum alium et dicit quod super huiusmodi prolaciones verborum fama laboravit apud Pritwel et aliis locis convicinis.
[1] The manuscript reads "in persona Roberti Swete" (in the person of Robert Swete), probably a scribal error for "in presencia Roberti Swete" (in the presence of Robert Swete).