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#31: John Tailour  c.  Agnes Fry  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-06-27
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 21v
summaryTestifies upon re-examination that he urged Agnes Fry to marry John Tailour.
subjectsMarital choice 
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Richard Maket. To the first interrogatory, the danger of perjury shown to the witness, he says as he said above. To the second interrogatory, he responds negatively to all its contents. To the third interrogatory, he says that once he made advances to Agnes that she should have John as her husband and to its other contents he responds negatively. To the fourth, he admits its contents and that he would give her to John as his wife. To the fifth, he responds negatively to all its contents.Ricardus Maket. Ad primum interrogatorium, exposito huic jurato periculo perjurii, dicit prout superius dixit. Ad secundum interrogatorium, respondet negative ad singula contenta in eodem. Ad tercium interrogatorium, dicit quod semel fecit instancias prefate Agneti ut ipsa haberet dictum Johannem in maritum et ad alia contenta in eodem respondet negative. Ad iiiitum fatetur contenta in eodem et quod daret eam dicto Johanni in uxorem. Ad vtum, respondet negative ad singula contenta in eodem.