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#35: John Brocher  c.  Joan Cardif  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-07-04
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 23v
summaryAgrees with previous witness Thomas Lee, adding that Joan Peryn (Cardif) and John Brocher contracted marriage according to his instruction. Testifies that after Easter Peryn acknowledged that she contracted marriage with Brocher in his presence and in Richard Styward`s house, but that she did not mean in her heart the words that she spoke. Admits he stood godfather to Brocher`s child.
subjectsDomestic contract  Conditional contract 
placenamesEssex - Enfield  London - Bishopsgate 
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John Monk of the parish of Enfield aforesaid, where he has lived for twenty-four years, literate, yeoman, forty years old and more, as he says. Inducted as a witness etc. concerning the libel etc., he says that he has known John Brocher for thirty years, and he first saw and knew Joan Peryn on the Tuesday about which he will depose below. To the first and second articles of the libel, he agrees with Thomas Lee examined above, with this added, that John and Joan contracted in the manner and form aforesaid at the instruction of this witness, and that Joan first began to speak the marriage words following his instructions, and this excepted, that he says that the contract between them as he recalls was begun and made around twelve noon of that day. To the third article, he says that he knows nothing concerning its contents. To the fourth article, he says that since the feast of Easter Joan acknowledged that she contracted marriage with John in the presence of this witness in the dwelling-house of Richard Styward outside Bishopsgate [1], but said that at the time of this contract she did not think in her heart the words her mouth spoke. To the fifth article of the libel, she says that its contents are true from his knowledge, as he says. To the sixth article, he says that what he said above is true and public voice and fame in the parish of Enfield circulates and circulated concerning it. To the first interrogatory, he says as he said above. To the second and third interrogatories, he says as he said above. And he responds negatively to its other contents. To the fourth, he says that he stood as godfather to John`s daughter, and he equally loves each party, and he does not want her to win this cause because of the danger for her soul, but he desires that justice be done between them, as he says. To the fifth interrogatory, he responds negatively to all its contents. To the sixth interrogatory, he agrees with Thomas Lee examined above. To the seventh interrogatory, he says that he knows nothing concerning its contents.Johannes Monk de parrochia de Enfeld predicta ubi moram traxit per xxiiiior annos, literatus, yoman, libere condicionis, xl annorum etatis et amplius ut dicit. Testis et cetera, super libello et cetera, dicit quod Johannem Brocher per xxxta annos, Johannam Peryn die martis de quo inferius deponet primo vidit et novit ut dicit. Ad primum et secundum articulos dicti libelli, dicit et concordat iste juratus cum Thoma Lee superius examinato, hoc addito, quod prefati Johannes et Johanna contraxerunt sub modo et forma predictis ad instruccionem istius jurati, et quod prefata Johanna primo incepit secundum eius informaccionem huiusmodi verba matrimonialia proferre, et hoc excepto quod dicit quod dictus contractus ut recolit initus et factus fuit inter eosdem circiter horam xii in meridie dicti diei. Ad iii articulum, dicit quod nescit deponere de contentis in eodem. Ad iiiitum articulum, dicit quod citra festum pasche antedicta Johanna confessa est se contraxisse matrimonium cum prefata Johanne in presencia istius jurati in domo habitacionis adtunc Ricardi Styward extra Bisshopsgate sed dixit quod non cogitabat in corde tempore huiusmodi contractus prout or locuta est. Ad vtum articulum dicti libelli, [dicit] quod continet in se veritatem de sciencia sua ut dicit. Ad vi articulum, dicit quod superius per eum dicta sunt vera et super eis in dicta parrochia de Enfeld laborant et laboraverunt publica vox et fama ut dicit. Ad primum interrogatorium, dicit prout superius dixit. Ad secundum et tercium interrogatoria, dicit prout superius dixit. Et ad alia contenta in eosdem respondet negative. Ad iiiitum, quod iste juratus levavit de sacro fonte filiam naturalem eiusdem Johannis et eque diligat utramque partem et nollet eam in hac causa obtinere victoriam propter periculum anime sue sed desiderat justicia ministrari inter eosdem ut dicit. Ad vtum interrogatorium, respondet negative ad singula contenta in eodem. Ad sextum interrogatorium, dicit et concordat cum Thoma Lee superius examinato. Ad vii interrogatorium, dicit quod nescit deponere de contentis in eodem.
[1] One of the gates on the City of London`s wall.