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#53: Richard Tymond  c.  Margery Sheppard  - Response of Third Party, 1487-11-22
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 38rv
summaryTestifies that he abducted Margery Sheppard, then in sequestration at Richard Spencer`s house during Richard Tymond`s suit. She had told him that she loved him more than she did Tymond, and he brought her to Winchelsea because it was outside of the bishop of London`s diocese.
placenamesLondon - Lombard Street  Sussex - Winchelsea  London - Gracechurch Street 
remarksThis deposition illustrates the practice of sequestration, where female parties to litigation were held, in some cases, in the custody of an official of the court, in this case the court`s registrar, Richard Spencer. This was to prevent someone (such as John Sem) from circumventing the litigation by marrying them. It is unclear how often parties were sequestered, as any records that might have recorded it have not tended to survive; in this case there is no indication in the case`s record in the deposition book that Margery was sequestered, until this deposition indicating that the sequestration was violated.
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In the year 87, sixth indiction[1], fourth year of the pope

Responses personally made by John Sem, 20 November, 22 November, in the place of the Consistory, before the lord Official

John Sem sworn etc. concerning the interrogatories etc. To the first interrogatory, he admits its contents. To the second interrogatory, he admits its contents and says that Margaret was put in my house, Richard Spencer`s, to be held in custody[2]. To the third interrogatory, he admits its contents. And he says that he believes that Margaret remained in my, Richard`s, house under sequestration for about a fortnight. To the fourth interrogatory, he says that on a certain day after the aforesaid things, that is on a day around the last feast of St. John the Baptist[3] this witness met Margery in Lombard Street and asked her where she was going and whether she wanted to come and drink with him. She said that she was going to her father in Gracechurch street and entered with this witness into the house of a certain Robert Scimon, in which house this witness said to her that he was making great expenditures for love of her and that he understood that another man was prosecuting her and he said, "If ye love him better than ye do me, go home again, and if [ye] love me better than ye do him, I desire that ye come with me." And she agreed to go with this witness and said that she did not want to return any more to the house of Richard Spencer. And that same night Margery, with the knowledge and by arrangement of this witness and the butler of the mayor of the city of London, along with this witness, stayed the night at the home of Robert Scimon, and the next day, that is at four in the morning, this witness and Robert led Margery to the town of Winchelsea[4] and then to the house of Master John Confers, recently mayor of Winchelsea, where they left her in safekeeping, and he went back to London. Asked why he took her to that town, he said that he did this [.........] would proceed against her and suspend her, would not pursue anything [...........] her because that town is outside the diocese of the lord bishop of London and he says that at the time of this abduction, he knew well that Margery`s sequestration had been done by the Lord Official of the diocese of London. And he says that on the day after [...] William Acham of [blank] counseled this witness to take Margery those parts and marry her there [.......................] until [.....] he would nothing further against him [.............................] as he said above. And he says that if the aforesaid had not given this witness such advice, he would not have led her to those parts as he says in the truth of his oath.
Anno lxxxvii, I[ndiccione] sexta, anno pape iiiito

Responsiones personaliter facte per Johannem Sem xxo die mensis Novembris, xxii die Novembris loco Consistorio coram domino Officiale

Johannes Sem juratus et cetera super interrrogatoribus et cetera. Ad primum interrogatorium, fatetur contenta in eodem. Ad secundum interrogatorium, fatetur contenta in eodem et dicit quod dicta Margareta posita erat in domo mei Ricardi Spencer custodienda. Ad tercium interrogatorium, fatetur contenta in eodem. Et dicit quod credit quod dicta Margeria remansit in domo mei eiusdem Ricardi sub sequestro per quindenam vel circiter. Ad iiiitum interrogatorium, dicit quod quodam die contingente post premissa videlicet quodam die contingente circiter festum Nativitatis sancti Johannis Baptiste ultimum, quem diem aliter nescit specificatum, iste juratus dedit obviam prefate Margerie in Lumbardstrete et interrogavit eam quorsum tendebat et an vellet cum ea bibere, que dixit quod itura fuit adtunc ad patrem suum in Greschirch strete et intravit cum isto jurato domum cuiusdam Roberti Scimon in qua domo iste dixit eidem quod magnas expenses fecit pro eius amor et quod intellexit quod alius vir prosequebatur eandem et dixit, "if ye love him better than ye do me, go hom ageyn and if [ye] love me better than ye do hym, I desire that ye comme with me." Et ipsa concessit ire cum isto jurato et dixit quod ulterius noluit redire ad domum dicti Ricardi Spencer. Et eadem nocte pernoctaverunt dicta Margeria, de sciencia et ad instancia istius jurati [et] Pyncernie maioris civitatis London, et iste juratus in domo Roberti Scimon. Et in crastino, videlicet hora iiiita in mane, iste juratus et dictus Robertus duxerunt dictam Margeriam versus villam de W[ynchelse ] et deinde usque domum Magistri Johannis Confers nuper maioris de Wynch[else], ubi dimisit eam custodiendam et revenit ad Civitatem London. Interrogatus quare duxit eam ad dictam villam, dicit quod pro eo hoc fecit quod [......] procederet contra eam et eam suspenderet non exequeretur aliquid [........] eam eo quod dicta villa est extra diocesim domini London episcopi et dicit quod tempore abduccionis huiusmodi, bene scivit de sequestracione eiusdem Margerie facta per domini officialis London ut dicit. Et dicit quod dicto die post [...] Willelmus Acham de [.... ] consuluit isti jurato quod duceret dictam Margeriam ad partes et ibi maritaret eam [.....................] ad tunc [.....] nichil ulterius faceret contra eundem [...............................] [fol. 38v] superius dixit. Et dicit si prefatus Willelmus huic jurato tale consilium non dedisset, iste juratus non ducisset eandem Margeriam ad dictas partes ut dicit in veritati juramenti sui.
[1] For dominical letters and indictions, see Cheney, Handbook, 2-3, 8-9. Innocent VIII was pope from 1484 to 1492.

[2] See remarks.

[3] 24 Jun.

[4] Winchelsea, Sussex.