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#59: Richard Tymond  c.  Margery Sheppard  - Response of Defendant, 1487-11-29
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 38v
summaryResponds that while sequestered in late June 1487, she spoke to Robert Scimon, who, after she said that she wanted to see her father, told her he would bring her near her father`s house in Gracechurch Street. Responds that John Sem then met them at Scimon`s house. Admits that she agreed to leave sequestration with Robert Scimon and John Sem to go to Winchelsea.
placenamesLondon - Lombard Street  London - Ivy Lane  Sussex - Winchelsea  London - Gracechurch Street 
remarksSee John Sem`s deposition regarding sequestration.
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Responses personally made by Margery Sheppard in the Consistory place, penultimate day of November

Margery Sheppard, sworn etc. concerning the interrogatories etc. To the first, second, and third interrogatories, she says that while the pretended matrimonial cause was pending in the Consistory between Richard Tymond and her, this witness was sequestered and committed to Richard Spencer to be kept in his house as a place of sequestration and she was there with him for three weeks. To the fourth interrogatory, as far as it concerns what she did, she says that on the Friday before the last feast of the nativity of St. John the Baptist[1], this witness spoke to Robert Scimon, crossing by Richard Spencer`s doorway in Ivy Lane, and she said that she wanted to go to her father in Gracechurch Street, London, and then the same Robert said, "I will bring you almost there," and thus this witness followed him and at the same Robert`s house in Lombard Street John Sem met them. He spoke with her as John said in his responses, with whom she agrees in that part. And she says that Acham counseled this witness that she should go with John Sem, and when she stood in doubt about whether she could return to Richard Spencer`s house, he said, "Thou art well at ease, if thou be happy thou mayst go whether thou wilt." And thus this witness in the early morning left with John Sem and Robert Scimon to the town of Winchelsea, where she stayed for the next seven weeks, as she says.
Responsiones personaliter facte per Margeriam Sheppard loco Consistoriali penultimo die Novembris

Margeria Sheppard jurata et cetera super interrogatoriis et cetera. Ad primum, secundum, et tercium interrogatoria, dicit quod pendente causa pretensa matrimoniali in dicto Consistorio inter Ricardum Tymond et eam, ista jurata sequestrata fuit et commissa Ricardo Spencer custodienda in eius domo tanquam loco sequestri et ibi fuit cum eo per tres septimanos. Ad iiiitum interrogatorium in quantum concernit factum istius jurate dicit quod die veneris proximo ante festum nativitatis sancti Johannis Baptiste ultimum, ista jurata allocuta est Robertum Scimon transeuntem per ostium Ricardi Spencer in Ivylane, et dixit quod vellet ire ad patrem suum in Greschirch, London, et tunc idem Robertus dixit, "I wil bring you almost ther," et sic sequebatur eum ista jurata et ad domum eiusdem Roberti in Lumbardstrete prefatus Johannes Sem dedit eis obviam, qui communicavit cum ea sub forma qua idem Johannes dixit in responsionibus suis, cum quo in ea parte concordat, et dicit quod dictus Acham consuluit huic jurata quod iret cum dicto Johanne Sem cum stabat in dubio an poterat reunti ad domum Ricardi Spencer, dixit, "Thou art wele at ease, if thou be happy thou mayst go whedir thou wilt." Et sic ista jurata in mane recessit cum dicto Johanne Sem et Roberto Scimon usque villam de Wynchelse ubi permansit per vii septimanas extunc immediate sequentes ut dicit.
[1] 24 Jun.