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#63: Thomas Byrch  c.  Elizabeth Barker  - Response of Defendant, 1487-12-18
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 42r
summaryResponds that Thomas Byrch`s employer had spoken to her about accepting Byrch as her husband, and that she had replied stating she was not disposed to marry him or anyone else. Admits that while the current case was pending she sought an action of security of peace against Brych`s master, William, but states that this was unrelated to the case and had to do with William`s prior attempt to kill her father.
subjectsIntimidation to influence litigation 
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Responses personally made by Elizabeth Barker 18 December, in the house of the lord Official, in my, Richard Spencer`s, presence.

Elizabeth Barker, sworn etc. on the positions etc. To the first position, she says that a certain Story, master of Thomas Byrch, about 3 [?years (1)] ago, spoke to this witness in [Roffington? (1)] about whether she would accept Thomas as her husband, and she answered him then that she was not disposed to marry him or anyone else. And she does not believe its other contents. To the second, third, and fourth positions, she does not believe them nor that their contents are true. To the fifth position, she does not believe it nor that its contents are true. To the sixth position, she believes what is believed and does not believe what is not believed and does not believe the fame.

Responses personally made by the same Elizabeth on the contents [of the interrogatories].

To the first interrogatory, she admits its contents. To the second, she admits it and says that she was cited by virtue of the citation made about ten weeks ago to appear before the consistory of London. To the third interrogatory, she admits that William is and was the master of Thomas, and Thomas is his servant, and William made efforts on Thomas`s behalf. And she does not believe the other contents of the interrogatory. To the fourth and fifth interrogatories, she says that after the citation made to the witness and while the case was pending undecided, because William at another time, that is about three years ago, tried to kill this witness`s father and called him a false churl, this witness both in the name of her father and in her own name sought an action of security of peace against William, and she says that if William had done nothing against this witness in the aforesaid cause this witness [...] would still have attempted the aforesaid action as quickly as she could to have his person as then at this time [....] as she says. And she denies the other contents of the position.

Responsiones personaliter facte per Elisabeth Barker xviii die Decembris in domo domini officialis in presencia mei Ricardi Spencer.

Elisabeth Barker jurata et cetera super posicionibus et cetera. Ad primam posicionem, dicit quod quidam Story, magister dicti Thome Byrch, circiter tres [?annos ] elapsos allocutus [est] istam juratam in [?Roffington] ut acceperet dictum Thomam in eius maritum et ista jurata respondebat adtunc eidem quod non erat disposita ad maritandum cum eodem vel aliquo alio. Et alia contenta in eadem non credit. Ad secundam, terciam, et iiiitam posiciones, non credit eisdem nec contenta in eisdem esse vera. Ad vtam posicionem, non credit eandem nec contenta in eadem esse vera. Ad vi posicionem, credit credita et non credit non credita et famam non credit.

Responsiones personaliter facte per eandem Elisabeth Barker super contentis [....].

Ad primum interrogatorium, fatetur contenta in eodem. Ad secundum, fatetur et dicit quod citata fuit virtute dicte citacionis fuit circiter x septimanas elapsas ad comparendum in Consistorio London. Ad tercium interrogatorium, fatetur quod dictus Willelmus est et fuit magister prefati Thome et ipse Thomas eius serviens et quod prefatus Willelmus pro eadem Thoma instancias fecit. Et alia contenta in eodem interrogatorio non credit. Ad iiiitum et vtum interrogatoria, dicit quod post citacionem huic jurata factum et pendenti dicta causa indecisa pro eo quod idem Willelmus retroactis temporibus videlicet circiter iii annos elapsos connatus fuit interficere patrem istius jurate et vocandum eum fals churle, ista jurata tam nomen eiusdem patris sui quam nomen proprio peciit et [...] accionem securitatem pacis contra eundem Willelmum, et dicit quod si dictus Willelmus nichil fecisset contra istam juratam in prefata causa ista jurata [...] contra attemptasset accionem predictam quamcito commode poterat ipsius personam habere prout tunc temporis h[...] ut dicit. Et alia contenta in dicta posicione negat.
[1] Unit of time omitted by scribe, thus "years" conjectural.

[2] Reading of this word conjectural; "Roffington" has not been located.