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#64: John Calle  c.  Elizabeth Hertford  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-12-18
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 42v
summaryTestifies that he was present when Elizabeth Hertford defamed John Calle by calling him a cuckold, a thief, and a wittol [a willing cuckold]. Agrees with previous witness, Hugh Pare, adding that he heard a man named Benne rebuke certain men for having breakfast in Calle`s house.
subjectsDefamation (sexual) 
placenamesMiddlesex - Islington  London - St. Martin Pomary 
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Further on behalf of John Call c. Hertford

Richard Barton of the parish of St. Martin in Ironmonger Lane[1], London, where he has lived for a quarter of a year, and before that in Cheap for a year, literate, of free condition, thirty years old, as he says. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he has known John Call for five years, and Elizabeth Hertford for two years or thereabouts. To the fifth article, he says that on a certain Sunday around the feast of All Hallows[2] last past, whether before or after that feast he cannot recall, and after vespers, this witness was present in the dwelling-house of John Call at Islington together with John Call, his wife, and none others as he recalls, where and when this witness [saw] Joan[3] standing first at the doorway of her own dwelling-house arguing with John Call standing in the doorway of his house, and saying to him many shameful words. And then at length she came up to the doorway of John`s house and there in the public street near the doorway, publicly and in a loud voice said, "go in, thou Cockold, thou wittol[4], thou thief and maintainer of thieves." And he says that so many times did Joan repeat these words that out of shame this witness would not have left the house had he not seen Thomas Walker and John Yon and others going across the public street near the house. This witness deposes these things from his own sight and hearing, as he says. To the sixth article, he says that he agrees with the first witness, adding that yesterday he heard that the wife of a certain man named Benne rebuked certain men because they were breakfasting in John`s house, saying that "ye have got you a good house; if ye blow hard ye shall blow her down or else she is belied, for she is put up to the Consistory for such gear[5]." To the seventh article, he says that its contents are true as far as this witness ever knew or heard. To the eighth article, he says that its contents are true. To the ninth article, he says that what he said above is true and that public voice and fame circulated and circulate concerning it in the parish of Islington.
Ad huc ex parte Johannis Call contra Hertford

Ricardus Barton de parrochia sancti Martini in Iremonger Lane , London ubi moram traxit per quartam partem anni, et ante illud Chepe per annum, literatus, libere condicionis, xxxta annorum etatis ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Johannem Call per quinque annos, Elisabeth Hertford per duos annos vel circiter bene novit ut dicit. Ad vtum articulum, dicit quod quodam die dominico contingente circiter festum omnium sanctorum ultimum preteritum, utrum ante vel post idem festum certitudinaliter non recolit, et post vesperas, presens fuit iste juratus in domo habitacionis Johannis Call apud Iseld[on] una cum eodem Johanne Call, eius uxore, et non plurimis ut recolit, ubi et quando iste juratus [vidit] dictum Johannam stantem primo ad ostium sue proprie domus habitacionis objurgantem cum dicto Johanne Calle stante in ostio domus sue, et proferentem eidem quampluria verba inhonesta et tandem accessit ad ostium domus eiusdem Johannis et ibidem in publica strata prope idem ostium publice et alta voce, "go in thou Cocold, thow wetewold, thou thef and mayntener of thefis." Et dicit quod tot vicibus eadem Johanna huiusmodi verba repeciit quod propter ruborem iste juratus non exisset dictum domum si non vidisset Thomam Walker, Johannem Yon et alios pertranseuntes in publica strata prope dictum domum. Que deponit iste juratus de visu et auditu suis propriis ut dicit. Ad vi articulum, dicit et concordat cum primo teste, hoc addito quod hesterna die audivit dici quod uxor cuiusdam cognominati Benne reprehendebat certos viros eo quod solverunt jejunia sua in domo dicti Johannis dicendo quod, "ye have gote you a good hous if ye blow hard ye shal blow her down or ellis she is belyed for she is put up to the Consistory for such gere." Ad vii articulum, dicit quod continet in se veritatem quatenus iste juratus unquam scivit vel audivit dici ut dicit. Ad viii articulum, dicit quod continet in se veritatem. Ad ix articulum, dicit quod superius per eum dicta sunt vera et super eis in dicta parrochia de Iseldon laboraverunt et laborant publica vox et fama ut dicit.
[1] Also known as St. Martin Pomary.

[2] 1 Nov.

[3] Presumably "Joan" here and below is an error for Elizabeth.

[4] Wittol: a man who is aware of complaisant about his wife`s infidelity (OED s.v.)

[5] Gear: probably in the sense of movable property, household utensils (OED, s.v. gear, 9.a.)