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#81: William Halley  c.  Agnes Wellis  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1488-02-22
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 6v
summaryTestifies that he heard Agnes`s mother and step-father announcing the impending marriage.
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placenamesLondon - St. Bride Fleet Street 
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John Spannysby of the parish of St. Bride in Fleet Street, cutler, illiterate, of free condition, forty-two years old as he says. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he first knew William Halley about the feast of St. John the Baptist[1], and Agnes Wellis he does not know. This witness, questioned further about and on each article of the libel, says that he knows only that since the feast of St. John the Baptist last past, this witness heard someone named Butler who had married Agnes`s mother saying many times that William would marry his wife`s daughter. And similarly he heard Agnes`s mother naming William Halley as her son, saying to him, "Son, come to dinner." Concerning the fame and the other things brought up in the libel, he knows nothing, as he says.Johannes Spannysby de parrochia sancte Brigide in Fletestrete London, Cutteler, illiteratus, libere condicionis, xlii annorum etatis ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Willelmum Halley circiter festum sancti Johannis Baptiste primo novit, Agnetem Wellis non novit ut dicit. Ulterius interrogatus iste juratus de et super singulis articulis dicti libelli, dicit se tantum scire videlicet quod citra dictum festum sancti Johannis Baptiste ultimum preteritum, iste juratus audivit quemdam cognominatum Butler qui duxit in uxorem matrem dicte Agnetis dicentem multociens quod dictus Willelmus maritaret filiam uxoris sue. Et similiter audivit prefatam matrem eiusdem Agnetis nominantem prefatus Willelmum Halley filium suum, dicendo et dixit eidem, "Son com to dener." De fama et aliis deductis in dicto libello nescit deponere ut dicit.
[1] 24 June