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1487-06-27: John Tailour  c. Agnes Fry  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS0906520r-22r
1487-06-27: Robert Swete, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that after frequently having urged Agnes Fry to marry John Tailour, Fry responded on 1 April 1487 in his house and in his and Joan Hache`s presence that she would have him or no one as her husband. Testifies that after he and Hache asked Fry if she wanted her statement to be kept secret or made public, the latter wished for it to made public, after which John Tailour, Joan Hache`s father, [and*] a man named Hunt, entered the room. Testifies that Tailour thanked and kissed Fry, and that no more words regarding marriage were heard from them. [*It is not clear if Hache`s father was Tailour, the man named Hunt, or a third man.]

1487-06-27: Richard Maket, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he frequently heard Agnes Fry respond to John Tailour`s marriage proposals by stating that she would marry him if she could "convert herself to him." Testifies that it was common knowledge at Prittlewell and other neighbouring places that Fry, in the presence of Robert Swete, had claimed she would marry Tailour.

1487-06-27: Agnes Fry, Response of Defendant
Responds that after having taken a day to consider John Tailour`s marriage proposal, she declined his offer in the presence of Robert Swete, Ralph Rolf, Henry Baker, John Botell, and others. Responds that Swete approached her on Tailour`s behalf with a ring, stating that, if she chose not to contract marriage with him, she would lose all her possessions if Tailour did not receive the ring back. Responds that she did not accept Tailour`s gifts, but that he nevertheless against her will took her silver rings from her purse.