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1488-06-17: Office  c. (no linked record)Other: Accidental deathLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B12v-13r, 16r
1488-06-25: Thomas Goodeale, Unknown
Testifies that on 5 June 1488 Mendham hired him and when they went to St. Botulph`s churchyard he joined in with the other men and they demolished the top part of the house.

1488-06-17: Richard Orme, Unknown
Testifies that he was hired for two nobles (13s 4d) by Mendham and Harrison to tear down the tiles of the roof of a house being prepared for an anchorite. Testifies that after he and others hired for the job had removed all the tiles and cast down the upper part of the house, they left to get a drink, while John Ferres, who had sworn he would tear down the rest of the house, remained to complete the task, and was killed.