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1490-10-26: Richard Chevircourt, Margery Philippis  c. Robert Dow  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS0906576v-77r
1490-10-26: Sir Thomas Gilderson, Response of Third Party
Testifies that around 24 June 1490 Richard Chevircourt and Margery Philippis told him, as chaplain of the parish of Basildon, that they had contracted marriage and that Henry Detyly and John Rawlyns also heard them say this. Testifies that although he had heard that Robert Dow (Daw) had previously contracted marriage with Philippis, when this witness issued banns between her and Chevircourt, Dow did not object. Testifies that upon receiving the letters to solemnize the marriage between Chevircourt and Philippis, and after hearing that Dow had received a cow from Philippis`s mother, which he guessed was the price for his keeping quiet, he questioned Dow regarding his alleged contract with Philippis. Dow admitted that they had contracted and that he was willing to affirm this before a judge. Accordingly, this witness cited Dow to appear in the church of St. Paul on the Friday following regarding this. Testifies that he refrained from solemnizing Chevircourt and Philippis` marriage and was absent from the ceremony.