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1491-10-25: Elizabeth Brown, Marion Lauson  c. Laurence Gilis  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS090651r-3v, 85r-86v, 89r-93r, 99v-104r, 105v-107r, 110v-111r
1492-03-14: Reginald Redemayn (a Redemayn), Witness for Plaintiff
Deposing regarding the reputation of Laurence Gilis`s witnesses, testifies that he was present 24 June 1490 at the court at the precinct of the Hospital of St. Katherine when Ralph Bothumley admitted stealing a hat and a hood and around March 1491 when Bothumley was found guilty of bawdry, and that for the past five or six years within the precinct of St. Katherine he has been considered a disreputable man and a bawd. Testifies that John Waldron is a man of good reputation who has been living honestly as a carpenter in the precinct of the Hospital of St. Katherine. Testifies that he was present around 1479-80 when Richard Keys gave false testimony in the court at Lewisham and was recognized by the steward and jury as a perjurer. Testifies that on 25 December 1491 Keys received payment in kind for his testimony in this case. Testifies that William Alston is a man of good reputation within the precinct of St. Katherine who lives honestly as a tailor. Testifies that around 1479-80 Peter James was elected proctor of the guild of St. Anthony in the monastery of Graces; he stole the mass chalice and other ornaments from the fraternity and spent them “overseas,” causing the fraternity`s dissolution.