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1493-01-08: Prior and Convent of Hertford  c. John Englissh  John Burton  TithesLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065124v-125r, 129v-135v, 143r-147r, 148r, 153v-160r, 161r-164v
1493-05-23: Richard Spycer, Witness for Defendant
Testifies concerning customary tithes collection that it is common knowledge in the parish of Amwell that no tithes for Amwellbury Wood were ever, before this present suit, sought by or paid to the prior and convent of Hertford, nor were tithes claimed from the abbot and convent of Westminster. Also, testifies that John Englissh and John Burton bought Amwellbury Wood from the monk bailey of Westminster Monastery.