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1487-07-12: John Pollyn  c. Agnes Parker  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS0906524v-27r, 37v, 40v
1487-07-12: Thomas Sele, Witness for Defendant
Testifies that he was present, along with John Selot, John Ward, and John Thaccum, when Thomas Cordrey stated both that he knew of no marriage contract between Agnes Parker and John Pollyn and that he would never testify in court that he did. Testifies that he later heard about Cordrey`s subsequent testimony in court, where he claimed Pollyn and Parker had contracted marriage. Testifies that Cordrey is reputed to be a man of loose tongue and a liar in the parishes of Isleworth and Twickenham, as a result of which he was banished from the parish of Isleworth.

1487-07-12: William Edmunde, Witness for Competitor Suit
Testifies that he witnessed a present contract between William [elsewhere known as John] Thaccher and Agnes Parker, 16 March 1487. Testifies that he has since heard Parker refer to Thaccher as her husband, and that it is common knowledge in Twickenham and Isleworth that that they are spouses.

1492-03-15: Sir John Lyall  c. Sir Thomas Kyrkeham  Clerical DisciplineLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065104v-105r, 107r-108r, 109rv
1492-03-28: Sir Thomas Everard, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he had been an apprentice to Alice Hungerford, the widow of London draper, John Hungerford; in 1484 he told Hungerford that he wished to become a priest. She promised to give him an ecclesiastical benefice on account of the “favour and affection” her late husband, John Hungerford, had borne towards him. Testifies that he and Hungerford met Sir Robert Gryme, then rector of the parish church of St. Olave in Southwark, at Stourbridge Fair in 1484; Gryme said that at Alice`s request he had found a benefice worth £20, at Tottenham. Testifies that when Alice offered to give him the benefice, the witness refused it after seeking advice from Master Bretayn about whether or not he could accept it in good conscience; the latter advised that he refuse it, claiming it would “offend the canons.” Testifies that he was present when later that year Sir Thomas Kyrkeham agreed to pay Alice £14 for the vicarage. Testifies that Kyrkeham defaulted on the payment for two terms, and was as a result arrested on two occasions - the first time by this witness - and was committed to Ludgate prison the second time.