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1488-03-26: Alice Billingham  c. John (or Thomas) Wellis  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B7r-9r, 10r-11r, 15r-15v
1488-07-12: Richard Thomson, Witness for Defendant
Challenges suitability of previous witness, Agnes Weston, claiming she is of unreliable condition and reputed to be a drunk. Testifies that on 13 February 1487 he heard Alice Billingham ask John/Thomas Wellis to take her as his wife, and that Wellis had refused, stating he would not marry without parental consent, since they needed financial support to establish a household.

1488-07-12: Beatrice Thomson, Witness for Defendant
Agrees with previous witness, her husband Richard Thomson, adding that Agnes Weston is reputed a liar and perjurer, and that Alice Billingham and John/Thomas Wellis agreed to be each other`s valentines.

1488-03-28: Beatrice Thomson, Witness for Defendant
Testifies that about Easter 1486 she approached John/Thomas Wellis and suggested he should marry Alice Billlingham, and that Wellis said that his answer would depend on the dowry she would bring. Testifies that she gave, at Billingham`s request, Wellis a “Jemew of gilt silver or of gold.”

1488-11-19: John Hill, Emma Wright  c. Elizabeth Leg alias Hill  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MSS DL/C/A/001/MS09065 and DL/C/A/001/MS09065BMS09065B, 16v; MS09065, 47r-48v
1488-11-25: John Hunt, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that on 23 February 1466 he witnessed in the hall of the house of John Lepper a present contract between Elizabeth Leg and Nicholas Sager, after which Sager immediately gave her a ring.

1489-10-21: John Jenyn  c. Alice Seton  John Grose  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS0906560rv, 46r, 66v, 71rv, 78v-79r
1489-10-21: William Avenyll, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he witnessed a present contract between John Jenyn and Alice Seton, 17 May 1489.

1490-03-02: John Lucas, Witness for Defendant
Testifies that Alice Holton, when asked by him if she knew of any marriage contract between John Jenyn and Alice Seton, responded that she did not. Testifies that Holton told him she went to the court of the Consistory of London three times, but was interrogated about things unrelated to the present case. Admits that when Holton had been in his service, he had hit her and called her a false harlot for returning late from an errand he had sent her on.

1490-03-24: Richard Lemman, Witness for Defendant
Agrees with previous witness, John Lucas. Testifies that the previous summer Alice Seton`s uncle, Thomas Asshby, told him that he had heard that John Jenyn had already contracted with Seton, and that Jenyn had told Asshby that Alice Holton would testify concerning it. Asked by Asshby to question Holton about it, testifies that Holton told him that she swore she knew of no such contract.

1491-11-08: Robert Warde  c. Joan Qualley or Whalley  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS090656r-8r, 93v-94v, 98rv
1491-11-10: Eleanor Knap or Cnap, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that she witnessed a future contract between Robert Warde and Joan Qualley and that she was present when they exchanged gifts, October 1491.

1491-11-08: Joan Qualley or Whalley, Response of Defendant
Admits to an exchange of gifts between herself and Robert Warde, but claims she did not receive hers as a token of marriage and that she does not know how he received his gift. A rumour circulated, but only since banns were issued between her and William Dichand.

1491-11-10: John Knap or Cnap, Witness for Plaintiff
Agrees with previous witness, Eleanor Knap. Testifies that Robert Warde and Joan Qualley are commonly reputed to be husband and wife in the parishes of St. Dunstan in the West and St. Botulph without Bishopsgate.

1492-12-04: Sir John Manyngham  c. Edmund Caryngton  Breach of Faith: DebtLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065120v-121r, 123v-124v, 125v
1492-12-20: Christopher Lewty, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that around 24 June 1490 he heard Edmund Caryngton promise Master John Manyngham to pay, by Easter 1491, a debt of 20s.

1494-06-06: William Gilbert  c. Ellen Harrison  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065199v-201r
1494-06-06: John Gardiner, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he witnessed a present contract between William Gilbert and Ellen Harrison, 16 Feb. 1494, and that banns were requested.

1493-12-28: William Ely  c. Master Richard Draper  Malicious CitationLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065175v-177r
1493-12-29: Thomas Patenson, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he heard William Ely`s letter of suspension being read on 29 September 1492. Testifies that he prevented the curate from proceeding against Ely after the latter acquired an inhibition against the official of the lord Archdeacon. Also, testifies that the curate told him that on the following Sunday, two messengers arrived at mass and took Ely`s letter of excommunication away from the curate.
1493-12-28: Master Thomas de la Sale, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that after having warned William Ely of his imminent suspension, the latter acquired an inhibition from the Consistory court, preventing this witness from legally delivering him his letters of suspension, and later, excommunication, Sept.-Oct. 1492.
1493-12-29: William Priour, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that after 29 Sept. 1492, as holy water clerk for the parish, a messenger from the archdeacon`s court of London asked him to deliver a sealed letter to the curate, but refused to do; the messenger then left the letter on the altar. There was subsequent back and forth about the letter, about which the witness heard only that it concerned William Ely.