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1491-10-25: Elizabeth Brown, Marion Lauson  c. Laurence Gilis  MarriageLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS090651r-3v, 85r-86v, 89r-93r, 99v-104r, 105v-107r, 110v-111r
1492-03-27: William Butteler, Witness for Plaintiff
Deposing regarding the reputation of Laurence Gilis`s witnesses, testifies to William Grene`s poor reputation at Stewside as a bawd and as a man who “greatly delighted in speaking vituperative and joking words,” which he himself often heard directly. Testifies that Ralph Bothumley was arrested and imprisoned for theft. Testifies that previous witnesses John Waldron and William Alston are “men of good fame and honest disposition” and are reputed as such in the precinct of St. Katherine. Testifies that John Colyns owns two tenements in which “common bawds and receivers of prostitutes live.” Testifies that Richard Keys is reputed a perjurer in the precinct of St. Katherine, and that he was present in court at Lewisham both when Keys swore that John Totehyll`s testimony was true and when, during his own suit in the court the same day against William Sawyer, the judge commented that Keys was a perjurer. Testifies that Peter James, as recently elected warden of the fraternity of St. Anthony, stole the fraternity`s chalice along with some other ornaments and, having never returned them, caused the dissolution of the fraternity.