arrowcase: Ann or Agnes Styward  c. Richard Styward    p-link   Results Format: Summary Full

case detail
date19 Nov. 1488; 22 May, 18 Nov., 19 Nov., 27 Nov. 1489
competitor suit
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MSS DL/C/A/001/MS09065 and DL/C/A/001/MS09065B: MS09065B: 16v; MS09065, 57rv, 61v-62r
1488-11-19: Cecily Knyston, Response of Third Party
Testifies that she lived with Richard Styward for six years before his marriage with Agnes Alpe was solemnized, and that she lived with him and Elizabeth Jan for three quarters of a year after their marriage. Denies having had sex or wanting to have sex with Styward.

1489-05-22: Richard Styward, Response of Defendant
Admits to spousal abuse and that he would beat her worse if she returned to him. Admits that he administered the goods of Ann`s previous husband Richard Alpe as well as those she brought to the marriage. Admits that he stopped paying the alimony he had been ordered to give her after the case began, saying it was because there was nothing happening in the case.

1489-11-18: Richard Styward, Response of Defendant
Responds that at first Ann (Agnes) Styward prosecuted a divorce and then she reversed it, instead pursuing a case for restoration of the marriage. He says that he stopped paying Styward`s alimony after she stopped prosecuting him for the divorce, on his lawyer`s advice. Denies rumours that he knew Joan Turnour carnally, allegations which he claims were made by Styward and her sons. Admits that he beat Styward after she called him a thief and “said to him many obprobrious and hateful words.”